Resources: Israel 's occupation of Palestine

    Peace Not Apartheid:  Jimmy Carter  
    Against Our Better Judgment:   Alison Weir
    The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine:  Ilan Pappe   
    The General's Son:   Miko Peled
    A Synopsis of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Click here
    Zionism Unsettled and other videos:    Click here    and    Click here 
    Occupation 101 Click here

On-going Education: 
    Kairos Document by Palestinian Christians  Click here
    Kairos Response (United Methodist Church)  Click here
    UCC United Church of Christ website  Click here
    Tree of Life Educational Fund  Click here
    On Facebook,  "No Way to Treat a Child"  Click here
    Children at risk:  Click here
    The Staggering Cost of Israel to Americans: Click here
    The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine:   Ilan Pappe talks about his book Click here
Bi-monthly Publication: 
     The Link: Click here
    The Occupation of the American Mind  (Order film and download study guide at:   Click here)
    Stone Cold Justice    Australian documentary of abuse of children by Israeli forces. Click here

Alternative News sources:
US Campaign for Palestinian Rights  and 331 organizations that support and end to the occupation:   Click here
Jewish Voice for Peace  Click here
If Americans Knew  Click here
Mondoweiss  Click here

Criminalizing Dissent
is Bad for Democracy

Senate bill S. 720   Click here

Steve Siegelbaum at town hall with Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of New York    Click here

Children at risk   (Sorry, this link is no longer available)